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Midreshet Shalhevet is dedicated to academic excellence in both Torah and General Studies. We inspire appreciation for the beauty of the Torah through analytical, critical, and independent thinking. Our goal is to infuse our students with a love of learning, promote scholastic and individual achievement, and foster intellectual and personal growth. We want to help our girls achieve their dreams and become leaders, not followers. We seek to prepare them to confront the spiritual as well as the professional challenges of America’s modern secular society.

Midot development, derech eretz, and respect for others are paramount at Shalhevet. We observe tzniut – personal modesty and temperance- not just in dress, but also in speech, lifestyle, and conduct. We expect our students to be scrupulously honest in their dealings with others, and to say “thank you” to parents, friends and country for all the kindnesses that they receive. We love our fellow Jews, including those who are different than we are. We owe dignity and respect to all people, Jews and non-Jews. We teach our students to challenge evil and injustice, to speak out when they see a wrong.

We have a merit-based admissions policy, seeking motivated girls who we believe will benefit most from our program. Applicants are screened by professional educators for both midot and academic performance. We do not have a “feeder” elementary school, so all girls start off on the same footing. No one enters our school as an “insider” or “outsider”. We attract girls from the greater Long Island area as well as from Queens, Brooklyn, and Staten Island. We hope to continue to attract girls who are looking to be challenged intellectually and inspired spiritually in a new, vibrant social environment.

We are a small school – by design, ensuring warmth and individual attention for all our girls in a loving and caring environment. We organize a wonderful array of extra-curricular programming, both in and out of school, geared to the interest of our students, providing them with an opportunity to bond in educational and enjoyable activities. We love to laugh, and to live life with a smile and a twinkle in the eye.

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We’re Midreshet Shalhevet. Illuminating Minds, Warming Hearts.

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